Reservations for groups

Group bookings in the hotel “Black Sea” means providing a hosting for a group of more than 10 people. This offer is an appropriate option for group trips, meetings with foreign colleagues, business partners, when guests come to various seminars, conferences and exhibitions.

Benefits of reservations for groups

Our chain of hotels offers excellent conditions for booking  hotel rooms to groups of guests. It makes possible for guests from other cities or countries to avoid unforeseen expenses associated with the accommodation of a large number of people. As practice shows, when carrying out mass events, the demand for hotel rooms sharply increases, so booking for the group is the best that the hotel of a high-class service can offer. The conditions of the reservations are considered individually in each case.

Advantages include:

• Priority in service;
• The reservation is personally conducted by a professional manager;
• Additional discounts are given, as the prices for groups are different from the cost of individual accommodation.Reservations are made by prepayment (via bank transfer or payment by a card) or in cash at the company office.

Do you plan to meet more than 200 guests in a place such as Odessa or Odessa region? Consider the following factors:
• The hotel should have a big number of rooms to accommodate each of the guests comfortably;
• The hotel should have a restaurant and a spacious conference hall, where all participants of the event could meet at the same time;
• Expanded hotel infrastructure is a must.

We are glad to provide a high level of service for you! Contacting the managers of our network, please provide the following information for the successful reservation:
• Number of participants;
• Estimated time of check-in and check-out;
• The maximum budget;
• The choice of a suitable hotel, considering its location in the city and the number of stars.

Choose the method of booking, which is most convenient for you: by phone, on the site or by e-mail. It is important to specify the time of booking. This is due to the fact that festivals, events, celebrations are constantly held in Odessa. You need to book a room in advance during New Year,  Day of Humor, Day of the City celebrations. Would you like to visit one of the events mentioned above? It is highly recommended to take care of accommodation in advance.