Restaurant Hotel and restaurant complex "Black Sea" Bugaz - a great place for romantic meetings, negotiations and vidpochynku.Dvorivnevyy restaurant has 250 seats and specializes in European cuisine.

Restaurant "Black Sea" Bugaz - a thin atmosphere of luxury and comfort, priyemni shades of chocolate and sea in the interior, staff anticipates your mood and desire, and of course, delicious food.

Nevimushena furnishings, modern design make the restaurant particularly attractive destination for visitors complex. This comfortable spending an hour as a cup of espresso with a morning newspaper, and so at dinner in friendly company.

The hotel restaurant organizes banquets, coffee breaks, corporate events, to be held at the highest level. The quality of their organization Satisfy Even nayvishukanishi requirements.

With the arrival of summer hotel - restaurant complex "Black Sea" Bugaz vidkrivaye summer terrace by the pool, where guests enjoy mozhlivist try a variety of summer cocktails and soft drinks, and culinary arts masters have zdivuyut range of dishes on - Genuine apetitnaya and delicious! On the attic floor located Thai-Japanese restaurant vyshukannya Oriental cuisine, barbecue area with a grill menu, Lounge-seating for relaxation and sunbathing in the warm season.

Restaurant "Black Sea" Bugaz front desk. Located on the beach, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is perfect for family dinners, business meetings, home celebrations and parties.

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«Black Sea» Bugaz

Address: 67800, Odessa region, resort Gribovka “Gold Bugaz” 17

Department of booking (+ conference-service):
Tel. (048) 710-10-10

Tel. (048) 730 81 50 (51), (096) 01- 55-555

Restaurant (banquets):
Tel. (048) 784-70-85

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