Black sea hotels group offers the hotel of 38 rooms in the city Razdelnaya Odessa region. The hotel is located in the center of the city. Razdelnaya is situated in the north-west of the Odessa region of 78 km from Odessa between Hadzhibeevskyi and Kuchurganskyi estuaries. Razdelnaya city is one of the largest and most strategically important rail centers of Ukraine. Razdelnaya region borders with the territory of Moldova, what determines the status of the area as a border.


The name of the city is nonrandom too. Like settlement Razdelnaya was occurred during construction of the railway Odessa-Balta in the 1863-1865 years. In the place where the railroad was divided into two tracks (one to Parkany (Moldavia), the other to Birzulu) was established station with the name that speaks for itself “Razdelnaya”.

Black Sea Razdelnaya - is the only hotel in the current level of the area that offers 38 modern rooms equipped with everything you need to relax.

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«Black Sea» Razdelnaya

Address: Odessa region, Razdelnaya, 82 Lenina Street

Department of booking (conference - service):
Тел. (048) 710-10-10
Факс (04853) 51-446

Tel. (04853) 51-445
Fax(04853) 51-446

Restaurant (banquets):
Tel. (04853) 51-444

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